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For intelligent hydro-cleansing of the face

Pure, gentle & superior in 45 min and 4 steps (Aquapeel- Electroporation-Microelectrostimulation-Cryotherapy)

Acquapure is more than a facial cleansing. It is a non-ablative and non-invasive way of combining a gentle peeling, pore purification, collagen stimulation and infusion of the important serums for an extreme HOLLYWOOD GLOW.

It is often performed by patients during their lunch break because of the absence of treatment after-effects (any slight redness disappears immediately). The immediate result: the skin immediately looks younger, purer, firmer, smoother and brighter.

We recommend this treatment as a basis for enhancing any other treatment at Studio-Romano-Fuhr

  • Treatment: once a month
  • Anaesthesia: absolutely painless
  • Effect: immediately

Treatments with Aquapure™ technology