Treatment of thin lips and the 'bar code'

What does the treatment of thin lips and the 'Bar Code' consist of?

What does the treatment of thin lips and the 'Bar Code' consist of?

The treatment of thin lips by injection of hyaluronic acid is today the standard goal of aesthetic medicine. The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia by means of lidocaine creams or by means of micro-injections of local anaesthetic. Local anaesthesia by means of lidocaine guarantees the patient discreet comfort during the infiltration phase and its rapid resolution after about 15 minutes.

The safety of the treatment is due to the fact that hyaluronic acid does not require any allergy tests, as well as being absolutely compatible and reabsorbable by the body itself. The injection does not cause any inflammatory phase in the skin.

The hyaluronic acid is supplied in pre-packaged sterile syringes in order to guarantee maximum treatment safety, and Studio Romano Fuhr has been using only top-quality products such as Teosyal, Juviderm, Restylane for over 10 years.

The treatment lasts only a few minutes and is performed at the doctor's office. The result of the treatment is appreciable immediately after the infiltration, giving the lips a slight oedema that disappears within 24 hours (the lips are very vascularised). The duration of the treatment is highly dependent on the patient's buccal mimicry, but allows for a beautiful turgidity of the lips for at least 6-9 months.