Thigh lift

What is an inner thigh lift?

What is an inner thigh lift?

The verb "to lift" in English means to lift, and therefore with this operation we want to lift and shape a particularly delicate part for women, which is the inner thighs.

Dr. Romano and Dr. Fuhr, depending on the degree of tissue laxity and/or excess skin, can choose whether to perform a simple liposuction or a skin removal operation.




180 minutes


1 night


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Patients approaching this technique are predominantly female patients aged between 40 and 60 years suffering from:

  • Loss of tissue trophism due to congenital or age-related causes
  • Loss of tissue trophism due to excessive weight loss

The operation can be performed throughout the year, but the best time of the year is certainly the cooler months, as it is necessary to wear thick elastic girdles for 1 month.

The preoperative examination with the medical staff at Studio Romano Fuhr is aimed at assessing the patient's general clinical situation and agreeing on the desired result in an absolutely informal but professional atmosphere.

In order to rule out pre-existing pathologies, patients are advised to perform, in addition to the routine examinations for all surgical procedures (blood count, coagulation balance and ECG), the following examinations

  • echocolordoppler of the lower limbs

Patients are advised not to take any anticoagulant drugs (aspirin, excessive vitamin C, contraceptives, etc.) for 10 days prior to surgery, and not to smoke for 1 month before and after surgery.

The medial thigh lift involves incisions starting from the inguinal region and reaching the inner face of the thigh root and ending towards the gluteal groove.

In order to lighten the tissue to be 'lifted', liposuction of the entire thigh region is commonly performed to harmonise the mole profile of the inner thigh with the thigh itself.

Once the excess skin has been removed, the tissue to be lifted is firmly anchored to the deep tendon structures in order to achieve a stable and long-lasting result.

Residual scars will be well hidden in the slip in order to make them almost 'invisible' to prying eyes.

After the operation, the patient will be discharged with a moderately compressive sheath over the entire treated area.

It is recommended that this sheath be worn for 30 days after surgery.

Admission is performed as a Day Hospital with a hospital stay of about 6 hours.

The result is generally definitive and permanent; in some particular cases a touch-up may be required.

The post-operative period of the inner thigh lift is generally quick and painless, characterised by slight haematomas and oedemas of the limbs, which disappear about 2-3 weeks after the operation.

Rest for 24 hours is recommended with progressive resumption of normal life from the second day.

It is advisable to refrain from smoking for at least 30 days after the operation.

To accelerate the healing process and reduction of oedema, it is recommended to wear a compression sleeve for 30 days after surgery.