Pulsed light (IPL) vs Alexandrite laser

How does progressive permanent hair removal work?

How does progressive permanent hair removal work?

There are currently two particularly effective methods for eliminating unwanted hair or treating hypertrichosis in all areas of the body: pulsed light (IPL) and the Alexandrite laser.

These technologies use high-intensity light energy to target the dark pigment-rich cells of the hair follicle, destroying them permanently after a few treatments. The hair has 3 growth phases: anagen, catagen and telogen; the phase in which the hair is sensitive and vulnerable to pulsed light or alexandrite laser treatment is the anagen phase (development phase).

It follows that to obtain an effective treatment it is necessary to carry out several passes in the same area at one-month intervals in order to target the greatest number of hairs in the anagen phase. Sun exposure must be strongly avoided for about 1 month before treatment in order to have the maximum colour difference between the skin and the hair pigment.

These treatments are strongly recommended in the winter period.

Before pulsed light or alexandrite laser sessions, it is necessary for the physician to assess the areas of the body to be treated, the quality of the hairs, their colour and the skin phototype.

There are five types of phototypes that guide the doctor in evaluating and determining the duration and intensity of the impulse to be administered in order to obtain maximum effectiveness from the treatment and to decide on the type of machine to be used.

The patient prepares the area to be treated by removing hair with a razor about 2-4 days before treatment. The hairs should be barely visible so that the area to be treated can be identified. The treatment creates a sensation of heat on the skin, but an accessory or integrated system of forced cooling of the skin makes the treatment absolutely comfortable by minimising the accompanying burning sensation. The treated area will be slightly reddened after the treatment.

The session lasts on average 30 to 60 minutes depending on the extent of the area to be treated, spaced out every month. Epilation is a progressive treatment and therefore requires about 7-10 sessions to obtain the complete result. During the treatment period it is recommended to absolutely avoid exposure to sunlight and/or UVA lamps so as not to tan the skin. During the treatment period it is advisable to protect the skin to be treated with a sun screen of at least 30 spf (high protection).