Fractional laser for skin rejuvenation Clear + Brilliant

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When it comes to our skin, we put a lot of trust in products and professionals to combat the signs of ageing.
Everyone wants to maintain that youthful appearance for as long as possible.

This is exactly why the Clear + Brilliant laser system was developed.

Clear + Brilliant is a gentle (but powerful) laser skin care treatment, clinically proven to combat and prevent the effects of skin ageing.

It is normal that there is some confusion around the uses and effectiveness of laser technology, or rather, laser technologies. In fact, there is much promotion on the market of IPL hair removal technology, which uses a pulsed light laser. These epilators cost a few hundred euros and are used at home. In addition to keeping the skin smooth, they also help to solve minor skin problems. But this is something different from lasers for skin rejuvenation.


    Unfortunately, when it comes to the subject of skin care, everyone has a say nowadays. Only professionals, however, are able to give a concrete answer to the problems of ageing, marks, scars and the most conspicuous skin blemishes. The same professionals who today are finally celebrating the arrival of Clear + Brilliant treatments in our country. This is the new laser frontier for facial, neck and décolleté rejuvenation. The Clear+Brilliant technology is part of a patent registered and approved in May 2011 in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Since then, many celebrities and Hollywood stars have benefited from it. There are even those who request to undergo the treatments in the hours before major events and occasions of public visibility.

    Exposure to the sun or sun lamps, accumulated stress at work, insomnia... and of course age, many factors contribute to skin ageing.

    • Anaesthesia: 30 min local anaesthesia in cream
    • Pain: warm sensation
    • Post: reddened for 24 hours

    Treatments with Clear + Brilliant technology