Breast augmentation

What is Additive Mastoplasty?

What is Additive Mastoplasty?

The purpose of additive mastoplasty surgery is not so much to increase the volume of the breast as to reshape it in search of better shape and symmetry.

With their decades of experience, Dr Romano and Dr Fuhr will be able to guide and advise you in your choice using only the latest generation of biocompatible cohesive textured silicone breast implants (guaranteed for 10 years).




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Patients interested in breast augmentation are women of all ages and social classes who suffer from:

  • Congenital mammary hypoplasia
  • Ptosis and loss of breast volume after childbirth
  • Ptosis and loss of breast volume after weight loss
  • Major breast asymmetries

The desire to correct the breast can appear at a young age (18*-20 years) and after pregnancy as well as at an older age. The experienced staff at Studio Romano Fuhr will be happy to advise you in the best possible way in an extremely confidential but professional atmosphere. Breast augmentation surgery can be performed in all seasons of the year, even in the summer months, allowing the patient a minimal abstention from work or social activities (maximum one week). Patients who have given birth and wish to have their breasts restructured are advised to wait at least 6 months after the end of breastfeeding.

* The law of 30/07/2010, with a bill approved by the Council of Ministers establishing the national and regional register of breast implants, introduces the absolute prohibition of retouching, for aesthetic purposes, for underage patients.

The preoperative visit with the medical staff at Studio Romano Fuhr aims to agree with the patient on the desired result respecting her wishes (desired size) according to the patient's clinical conditions such as build, presence or absence of breast adipose glandular tissue, any musculo-skeletal alterations.

The philosophy of Studio Romano Fuhr is to give or restore to the patient a natural breast both to the sight and to the touch.

The specific examinations for breast augmentation surgery are, in addition to the routine examinations for all surgical procedures (blood count, coagulation balance and ECG)

  • a breast ultrasound or mammogram to rule out any benign or malignant pathology of the mammary gland.

Breast augmentation surgery, except for special clinical indications, is performed under general anaesthesia and does not require hospitalisation, but is carried out in absolute safety under day hospital conditions (same-day discharge) with a surgery duration of approximately 60 - 120 min.

Breast augmentation involves various surgical techniques:

  • Subglandular mastoplasty
  • Submuscular mastoplasty
  • Dual plane mastoplasty (mixed technique)

and various access routes that can be agreed with the Romano Fuhr Studio staff depending on the clinical picture of the

  • Submuscular access
  • Periareolar access
  • Axillary access (little used)

The new generation breast implants are designed to guarantee absolute safety standards for the patient in order to make breast augmentation surgery a safe and long-lasting procedure.

Breast implants are made of cohesive (non-liquid) silicone in various sizes and shapes in order to give the surgeon a wide choice.

Like all implanted materials, they are not to be considered eternal and therefore replacement is recommended after 10 to 15 years, although they have been proven to last much longer.

The Romano Fuhr practice uses only the latest generation of implants such as:

  • Mentor

  • Natrelle

  • Silimed (

The postoperative course of breast augmentation is usually characterised by slight bruising and oedema associated with mild discomfort that is easily controlled with oral analgesics over 24 hours.

Bed rest for 12 hours is recommended. The patient resumes her normal life after about 7 days of rest during which she will be able to perform all primary functions.

The patient will be checked and dressed after 24 hours, one week and two weeks.

Stitches do not usually have to be removed as these will reabsorb spontaneously.

It is recommended to wear a sports bra for about 30 days and to refrain from physical activity or muscular exertion with the arms for this period.