Metabolic Balance

Healthier, slimmer and fitter... with more energy and vitality

At last, a comprehensive, customised diet programme for rebalancing metabolism and regulating weight in a natural way, without resorting to drastic slimming diets and without food supplements or drugs.

Global Metabolic Programme

Global Metabolic Programme

The Romano-Fuhr practice has been adhering to the metabolic balance® programme since 2007 thanks to Dr Fuhr's desire to offer overweight patients an easy and natural diet programme to help them reach their desired weight before undergoing cosmetic surgery.

The diet programme aims to gradually change the body's metabolism without the aid of drugs or hormones, but only by means of a correct diet, reducing the patient's caloric needs and allowing the desired weight to be achieved in a gentle and physiological, but above all lasting way.

It is not a programme reserved for overweight patients who want to undergo cosmetic surgery, but also for those patients who wish to lose weight or simply improve their eating habits.

Patients interested in the metabolic balance® programme will be followed by Dr Fuhr at all stages, including a preliminary interview in which the programme will be briefly explained and the patient given a list of laboratory tests (highly detailed blood tests) that can be carried out at their local health authority.

The preliminary interview, which is purely informative, lasts about 20 minutes and is FREE OF CHARGE and without obligation. The medical examination includes a thorough anamnestic and physical examination (weight, BMI, etc.) in which the basics of the programme will be explained.

The patient must be in possession of all the required laboratory tests. Delivery of the customised diet programme and detailed explanation of the rules for the four phases of the programme:

  • Preparation phase
  • Central restrictive phase
  • Moderate phase
  • Maintenance phase


The metabolic balance® programme

The metabolic balance® programme

Support is continuous and customised during the entire period of the diet programme until the agreed weight is reached.

The metabolic balance® programme - tried and tested successfully for years in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc. - has proven to be particularly suitable in patients suffering from:

  • Dietary imbalances
  • Overweight and obesity
  • Rheumatic disorders
  • Migraine
  • Digestive disorders
  • Diabetes and cholesterol
  • Liver and biliary disorders
  • Kidney and bladder disorders
  • Hormonal and menopausal disorders
  • Allergies and skin blemishes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Tiredness, listlessness and lack of vitality
  • Sleep disorders